Sunday, October 11, 2009

SPM Tips: Do SWAT Analysis

Through survey i've made in this blog ..majorities of the students said they didnt get a good results. Well..if u are now in form 5 & among of those who got bad results, i advice u to do SWAT analysis.
What is S.W.A.T analysis??
It is a postmortem technique to identify the following:

S= Strength
Know where is your strength in physics. Polish that particlar topics so that they will be your best bet while answering SPM paper. Make sure u didnt do any mistakes if these topics come out in SPM.

This is far more important. By now u should know where's your weakness. For example, ask this questions:

Which topic that u are not familiar with?
Which paper has degrade most of your it paper1, 2 or 3?
If paper 2,then zoom in,..which it section A, B & C.
Learn from those mistakes u had made..& most important DON'T REPEAT THE SAME mistake.
One more thing, U'll be having a BIG problem if u do not know 'what u don't know' ..faham ke??
So please identify what is the topics that u know nothing about them b4 its TOO late.

Once u've analysed both strength & weakness, its time to do some action about it. Go & plan how to improve your weaknesess. Here i list out some suggestion:

-Add more hours in your study scheddule & focus on improving yr weakness.
-Do lots of questions on your weakest topics. Find some pass yr questions as well. -Do study group to improve your understanding. It is more effective as u'll learn better while discussing it with others. -If your parent has more budget, U can hire a personal tutor to improve your understanding. U can clarify most of the doubts abt physics with the tutor.

Identify what are other things that keep u away frm doing revison. For example, ask this followingquestions:
-Is internet keeping u away frm study?
u need to be disiplined . Instead of surfing on non important things, u shud stick to my blog & study physics :)

-Does playing video games, watching TV make u end up doing NO revision?
What else i'm gonna say..just stop it..SPM is once in a lifetime. After that mainlah puas2.

-Does your relationship with someone affect yr study?
If tis is the case, just forget him/her...,.. appreciate your youth time.
Dont over explore.. Love yourself. Trust me, in the end u wont end up married with him/her.
Most of the time u'll only get HURT
..Anyway benda2 couple ni buat tambah dosa jer and might lead u getting a bad SPM result ..
Trust me..i'm an xperienced teacher & have seen lots of them end up got BAD results.

-Family problems?
Well i had an experienced where a student flunk on his SPM due to this problem. If u are among them, go & seek counsillor for advise or share it with someone u can trust. Be THOUGH & pray a lot!
The bottom line is..Please identify other THREATS that distract u frm doing SPM revision.

So that is what SWAT analysis is all about.

After u've analysed & studied all these aspect , u need to manage all those information and start to do some ACTION!
Start it NOW!

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